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Quad Roller Skates 

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Quad Roller Skates 

Written By: Brad Wong 


This is a simple project that can be completed in an afternoon once you've scrounged up all 
the components. 

Step 1 — Quad Roller Skates 

• Gather your materials, you will 

• A pair of shoes 

• Trucks and wheels from two 

• 16 each 10-24 flathead screws 

• 16 each 10-24 locknuts 

• 1/8" Aluminum Plate 3"x9" 

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Quad Roller Skates 

Step 2 

• To make things more comfortable, 
you will want to have as much 
padding over the screws as 
possible. So take whatever you can 
out of the shoe. 

• I pulled out the inserts and another 
layer that was glued down. Be 
careful pulling this stuff out; you 
are going to want to put it back in 
after your trucks are installed. 

Step 3 

» Put masking tape on the soles so 
that you can mark where you want 
to drill. 

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Quad Roller Skates 

Step 4 

• Place the skateboard trucks on the 
bottom of the shoe and mark where 
the holes should go. 

• Make sure the trucks are 
centered and straight. 

Step 5 

\ IB 

' \ 



1 '"•• 

• Drill holes and insert bolts. 

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Quad Roller Skates 

Step 6 

• Bolt the trucks on. 

• Use locknuts on all the bolts to 
keep things from falling off. 

Step 7 

• You may want to add an aluminum 
plate or some other brace to stiffen 
the bottom. 

• Put the liners back in the shoes. 

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Quad Roller Skates 

Step 8 

• Enjoy at your local Roller Disco! 

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